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Sensitivity To Light

Problem – Sensitivity to light is a common problem in concussion.  People go from their home or office and go into the bright outside light and suddenly their headache starts or gets worse.  Riding in a car is also a strong trigger for headaches.  This is especially true in the Spring and Winter seasons as the sun flashes thru trees as you are moving. Standard sun glasses are not that helpful.

Strategy – A wrap around style sunglasses can be very helpful.  After trying many different types of sunglasses, New Approaches clients have overwhelmingly found a pair of safety sunglasses that you can purchase on Amazon for under $9 to be the most helpful.  Click the link here to see what they look like.  They are not the bulky type that you get when you see your eye doctor.  Remember to put them on before you go out into the bright sun light. Wearing them all the time is not a good idea; you want to slowly decrease light sensitivity over time by gradually using the glasses less and less.  Always talk with your family physician about light sensitivity and headaches following a concussion.