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Fax: (231) 421-5560

Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Fridays 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Phone Calls Only)
Specialized scheduling can be arranged.

Tour the Facility

New Approaches is in a 14,000 sq. foot building three blocks away from Munson Medical Center.  The building was designed for brain injured clients; handicapped access, filtered lighting, and extra insulation in the walls for quiet treatment rooms. Click on each picture for a higher resolution image.


Outside View

Reception– We share the building with Active Brace and Limb. If you need any orthotic equipment (braces, crutches, etc.), they provide an excellent service.

Dr Johnson’s Office

Lunch Room/Conference Room/Group Therapy Room–Our clients repeatedly state that being with other people with head injuries is a huge part of their support system. The room has a divided partition to allow us to also use the room as our lunch room and group therapy room. Staff and clients do not eat lunch in separate rooms. We try our very best to treat all clients like “family”.

Resources and Coping Strategies