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Neuro-strategies for School Aged Children

New Approaches School Based Program – Neuro-strategies for School Aged Children When my son was 5 years old, he was put on his first behavioral plan in his kindergarten class and was kicked off the bus 3 times that year. I was both devastated and very concerned. Were we horrible parents? What was wrong with my child? This began the path down the road of ADHD for my son and our family. I remember sitting in the psychiatrist’s office and telling him I didn’t want him put on medication, when what he really needed was better parenting. I know that
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Sensitivity To Light

Sensitivity To Light Problem – Sensitivity to light is a common problem in concussion.  People go from their home or office and go into the bright outside light and suddenly their headache starts or gets worse.  Riding in a car is also a strong trigger for headaches.  This is especially true in the Spring and Winter seasons as the sun flashes thru trees as you are moving. Standard sun glasses are not that helpful. Strategy – A wrap around style sunglasses can be very helpful.  After trying many different types of sunglasses, New Approaches clients have overwhelmingly found a pair of
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MEMORY STRATEGY – How to keep from losing car keys.

MEMORY STRATEGY Problem – Many people report a frequent problem of losing car keys. They put the keys down in the house but can’t remember where they put them. This then leads to a long and frustrating search of the house. Strategy – Car keys can only exist in three places: 1) In the car ignition, 2) In your pocket or purse, and 3) On the night stand near your bed. They can not touch anywhere else in the world. Think of the keys like anti-matter – if it touches anything else in the world, they explode. So, no laying
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